Last week I found an old yellowish paper folder in one of my drawers.

“>Innocent looking folder


Innocent by appearance but hides a nostalgic treasure – my lost stickers collection, traced by renowned historians to the mid 80s’. For years, my favorite presents were stickers, of any size, shape or form (or smell) that I could added to my rapidly growing sticker collection. I might have used a sticker or two in a moment of weakness during my childhood, but the majority of my collection stayed exactly like I found it last week.  In retrospect, it is kind of an absurd that I haven’t used them but thanks to my obsession we can now see what the world had gone through in the last 20 years:

Elf! Does someone remember him? This is from 1988…

“>Elf, the friendly yet extremely ugly alien

Zbang – the characters are just starting to make their acquaintance with the world: these stickers are before ‘Red Head’ grew his funny pony tail. These stickers were added to the collection sometime in the 90’s.

“>Zbang stickers

These stickers had lemon smell. They don’t have any adhesive signs now, not to mention a smell..

“>Lemon stickers

These have banana smell. And adhesive.

“>Banana stickers

Velvet stickers

Velvet stickers

Without a doubt my collection ‘claim to fame’ was this line of Kalkitos. You may know them as Letraset: rub-down transfer stickers that you press with a ball pen or any other plastic object on the surface you want to stick them to.

Kalkitos / Letraset

Latraset is a great company for design and art crafts that is mostly known because of this product. You can read here more about the product. You may remember Kalkitos as a huge thing if you were a kid in the 70’s or 80’s. While Letraset targeted their products to designers and artists, Kalkitos targeted kids and teens and came up with this great sticker product. If You want to know them better read this.

“>Kalkitos / Letraset

“>Kalkitos / Letraset

“>Kalkitos / Letraset

“>Kalkitos / Letraset

Finally, did you know that wall decal installation is similar to application of Letraset just in a larger scale? This is how you use Letraset on paper:

And this is how you apply Luka Decal on the wall:

A quiz for the musical ones: what is the name of the song in the Luka ‘How To’ video clip? The first to get it right will get to select Luka wall decal for free!

Even though Valentine’s has already passed – we keep on loving also today.
Luka team members were asked to answer an intimate physiological questioner:

1.What is your favorite Luka wall decal?
2.What do you love about the most in the studio?
3.What do you love in life?

The following results were given. We’ll start with Leon:

“>Leon’s love

Leon’s love


“>Hila's love

The pie in the picture was actually made by Hila


“>Ehud's Love

Who is Avi: the owner of a small coffee shop in the neighborhood that feeds the boys on a daily basis.


“>Michal's love

It is really our balcony. The palm trees make you think its L.A but it Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.


“>Ran's love

Test yourself: which of the chairs is Eames?

Last but not least, our studio owner, Tamar Sela. We have explicitly asked for concrete and possibly photogenic answer for the question of ‘you love about the most in the studio’ and not any ‘our great team’ answer or “similar crap along these lines” (this is a quote).

Tamar has decided that the power given to by the virtue of her status she can say that the thing she love about the studio is the team. By the virtue of our status we accepted this answer.

Tamar's love

Tamar also wants to point out that she loves sushi

These are the things we love the most – in stickers, our studio and life in general. Happy  Valentine’s everyone!

The movie ‘Living in oblivion’ opens with exhausting but beautiful, 18 minutes black and white scene where Steve Buscemi plays the director of a low budget movie set in a day from hell in New York.  During this day the crew is trying to shoot a sensitive scene in eight different takes because every time a new problem brings the director to call the familiar ‘Cut’.  One time it was the light bulb that blew up, in the other the camera lost its focus, and so on.  I wouldn’t go on to tell the end of the scene not to spoil the end but would recommend clicking the link to the movie below for these of you that love movies and theater.

Well, what does it all has to do with us?

We launched our new website a year ago and decided that writing a blog about things we like would be one of the first things we do.  Reality, exactly like in the opening scene of Living in Oblivion, was stronger and small tasks and activities kept on pushing the deadline further out: large custom design project delayed it in three weeks, new collection launch postpone it in three months, blowing up light bulb delayed in few more days, out of focus camera pushed it out more and so on…

But this is all part of our past now.  The day has arrived and we are finally launching our blog!  We have so much to write about graphic design, interior design, architecture, great design products, shapes, colors, fonts, prominent designer, photographs, and of course our custom design projects and wall decals.

Will be happy to hear from you so don’t be shay to talkback – we know you like it. So, are you ready….scene 1, take 1 aaaaand Action!

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