Studio Luka Wall Decal - FAQ

What are Wall Decals anyway?

Luka wall decals are high quality vinyl stickers that are design and cut specifically for sticking on the wall or other clean, flat and dry surface.  Wall decals are the perfect and cost effective design alternative for expensive wall covering.  Their installation is simple and quick, doesn’t require any expertise, prior experience or special tool.  Simple peel and stick the decal on the wall and start enjoying your new and upgraded space design.

How long can Luka decal stay on the wall?

Luka wall decals can last years on your walls if treated nicely.  Indoors our stickers would last anywhere between two to four years while outdoors between they would last two to three years.

Can I reuse the stickers?


What colors can I order?

Next to every model on the website there is a color palette from which you can select the color you want.   The colors in the palette are very close to the real sticker colors but please note that colors may vary between screens.  If you would like to try a color out, just let us know at and we will send you a color sample free of charge.

I would like to inquire about custom made stickers.  What should I do?

Simply let us know and we will be happy helping you upgrading your space.  You can either call us at 1-888-583-5852 or email us at  Our business working hours are 9:00-18:00 Sunday through Thursday (Jerusalem Time).

I just placed and order on the website.  When and how will I get them?

The stickers are manufactured per specifically for you and they will be send out within five business days.  We offer three shipment methods: 1. Certified mail. 2. EMS Carrier 3. Self-Collect from our studio. If you would like to come don’t forgot coordinating this with us at  1-888-583-5852 or 972-3-547-0352

Can I return products that I purchased?  What about custom made special orders?

We accept return products as long as they are in one piece, in their original packaging and haven’t been used.  We can’t refund shipping fees nor custom made decals (including replacement) – sorry.

I bought Luka stickers – what do I do now? Should I bring my tool box?

Congrats! Luka wall decals are very easy to install.  Installation instruction sheet that will save you time and potential mistakes is added to every package.  You will not need any special tools or materials since we provide you will all the things you would need: instruction sheet, plastic squeegee to  tight your sticker on the wall and the sticker of course…Need additional info? Simply follow the instruction video in our home page and instruction page.  Good luck!

I am not a very creative or technical guy - would I be able to install the stickers myself?

Of course you would mister! Creativity isn’t a requirement for installation.  If the decal comes in separated sheets (depends on the model), you could use the sticker on the package as a reference.

Can Luka wall decals can be installed on all wall types?

No.  The decals would not adhere well to wet, dirty or rugged walls.  Before installation you would need to make sure the wall is smooth, clean and dry.  We recommend to use dry cloth to wipe any unseen dust from the walls before the installation.

I just finished painting the wall.  Is this would affect the installation?

Yes! After painting you would need to wait three weeks until the wall is completely dry before installing the decals.

I want to install the decal on the ceiling, closet, cabinet and in the bathroom.  Can I?

Yes.  You can install Luka decals on every smooth, dry and clean surface.  Wooden and plastic furniture, windows, tiles and metal surfaces are all good surfaces for installation.  You can also install our stickers in the bathroom, but take into account that it would expect to last about only a year.

I want to remove the decal from the wall.  It’s a piece of cake, right?

Yes it is.  All you would need to do is follow the removal instruction in the instruction page.  In short, gently pull on one of the decal corners and start peeling it parallel and close to the wall  - don’t pull it towards you.  Using a hair dryer in low temperature setting would weaken the decal adhesive helping removing it easily. 

 I am afraid the wall would be damaged after removing the sticker.  Help me!

Luka wall decals are manufactured from high quality European and US raw materials.  Removing our decals would not leave any residue on your wall.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that certain damage to your wall would not occur as it totally depends on its paint quality.

I would like to sale Luka wall decals in my store or on my website.  Whom should I contact?

Send us an email to and tell us about your business.  We would be happy to cooperate. 

Who is Luka any ways?

Luka is the cat in the logo.

Who is behind Studio Luka?

Studio Luka is Tamar’s Sela brand that founded the studio in 2007.  Luka is the first business in Israel for decorative and designed wall decals and it has served thousands of satisfied private and commercial customers to date.