Studio Luka Wall Decal - How to Install

Please take a few minutes to review these Luka Wall Decals Installation Instruction

Studio Luka from Ran Sela on Vimeo.

How to Install
1. Clean your wall or surface: Be sure it is smooth, dry and free of dust and dirt.
2. Plan you layout by cutting roughly around the individual graphics and arranging them on your surface using a masking tape
    until you are happy with your design. You may also refer to Luka recommended layouts.
    Remember that you can remove the stickers once applied, but you will not be able to re-use them.
3. Once ready, Lay each graphic sheet on a flat surface, white backing side up. Press firmly over the entire sheet with the provided Luka
    squeegee or any other plastic card to make sure that the sticker transfers to the transfer paper.
4. Start from a corner and gently roll the white backing from the transfer sheet. Make sure that none of the sticker pieces is left on the backing paper.
5. Some intricate patterns may want to stick to the backing; simply stop peeling, roll back a bit & repress the decal onto the transfer tape.
6. Face the self-adhesive side of the sticker down on the location that you desire with the transfer sheet facing up and apply even,
    firm pressure using the provided plastic to ensure complete removal of any bubbles.
7. Gently peel the transfer paper from the sticker.
8. Bubbling may occur after the graphics are applied. Simply take a thumbtack or needle and poke the bubbled area a couple of times,
    then smooth it out with your hands.

We are very proud in our wall decal products and hope you will enjoy the design process and results and would be happy to assist you with any question you may have.
In case you have received a defected product we guarantee to replace it with a similar product.  
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Enjoy your space!