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Avt Landing Image Decal Design 12


AVT specializes in printing systems and develops color for the printing industry, so the design is rich in colors. The project focused on the development floor, in order to create an energetic work environment and the joy that connects the employees and creates a sense of belonging between the employees and the company brand. The public spaces became inviting and a focal point for creativity And interaction.


Photography: Alina Yavtushenko

Avt Medium Image 13
Avt Space Design 7
Avt Wall Design 3
Avt Signage & Way Find Design 1
Avt Space Design 8
Avt Space Design 2
Avt Big Image 11
Avt Wall Design 5
Avt Wall Design 6
Avt Wall Design 10
Avt Space Design 9
Avt Corck Board 14
Avt Wall Decal Design 15
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