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An Israeli software company providing security solutions to leading companies worldwide. In this project we used a bit of self-humor using images drawn from the field of defense and attack tactics, knights, castle and even a Trojan horse. The space is divided by periods in history and each meeting room got graphics in the spirit of the period. In this project, we were asked to create an attractive space for employees that encourage interaction and action. You will find a magnetic wall that can be used to create changing graphics, a whiteboard wall of doodles for painting, screws that form the word ‘machine’, a large chalk board wall in the billiard room and more.


Architecture & interior design: Gindi studio

Photography: Uzi Porat

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Cyren Inviromental Design 17
Cyren Graphic Design 22
Cyren Graphic Design 8
Cyren Design Art 9
Cyren Erase Board 13
Cyren Chalk Board 12
Cyren Magnetic Board 19
Cyren Lighted Logo Signage 6
Cyren Signage Design 5
Cyren Big Image 3
Cyren Graphic Design 20
Cyren Graphic Design 21
Cyren Spasial Design 4
Cyren Chalk Board 11
Cyren 3d Elements 10
Cyren Graphic Design 25
Cyren Graphic Design 24
Cyren Graphic Design 23
Cyren Frosted Decal Design 23
Cyren Office Graphic Design 18
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