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Wavespace Enviromental Design Big Image 3


EY’s innovation center, in the design process we used linear grid lines that characterize the whole project, only this time in a different manner. The purpose was to distinguish it’s design from the rest of the space. The innovation center requires new and unusual design thinking, and under this thought we designd its space . We used technology and visual illusions to challenge the eye and by that the brain and the creative thinking.


Photography: Uzi Porat

Wavespace Spatial Design Big Image 2
Wavespace Office Graphic Design 4
Wavespace Office Graphic Design 20
Wavespace Signage Design 12
Wavespace Open Space Graphic Design 6
Wavespace Enviromental Design 16
Wavespace Spatial Design 11
Wavespace Office Graphic Design 18
Wavespace Enviromental Design 13
Wavespace Graphic Design Big Image 1
Wavespace Logo Signage 15
Wavespace Light World Map 7
Wavespace Light Box Graphic Design 14
Wavespace Light Map 8
Wavespace Open Space Graphic Design 6
Wavespace White Board 9
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