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A multi-story project spanning 8 floors, the goal was to create a language that connects the floors visually and still gives each floor its character and uniqueness, while connecting the employees to a creative and productive space. The challenge was to connect a number of different IBM companies that joined the new offices in Migdal Shachar. We emphasized the nature of the various companies and created a language that speaks to all of them and preserves their different character, with a clear connection to IBM International and the tight graphic history created for them by Paul Rand. We have worked on the project from the design stage alongside the architectural team to the production and execution stage.


Architecture & interior design: Miki Kornhauser & Shani Perri

Photography: Alina Yavtushenko

Ibm Landing Image Glass Decal 62
Ibm Wall Graphic Design 42
Ibm Frosted Glass Film 2
Ibm Wall Design 31
Ibm Frosted Glass Film 9
Ibm Space Graphic Design 12
Ibm Frosted Glass Film 8
Ibm Wall Design 34
Ibm Frosted Glass Film 4
Ibm Meeting Room Design 14
Ibm Glass Logo Design 63
Ibm Corridor Decals 3
Ibm Graphic Logo Design 65
Ibm Big Image Graphic Design 59
Ibm Graphic Logo Design 66
Ibm Graphic Logo Design 64
Ibm Wall Design 5
Ibm Corridor Decals 7
Ibm Graphic Design 62
Ibm Decal Graphic Design 67
Ibm Meeting Room Graphics 29
Ibm Meeting Room Graphics 27
Ibm Meeting Room Graphic Design 74
Ibm Wall Painting 72
Ibm Decal Graphics 32
Ibm Wall Design 39
Ibm Wall Design 13
Ibm Wall Design 10
Ibm Decal Graphic Design 71
Ibm Wall Design 16
Ibmmeeting Room Design 68
Ibm Decal Graphic Design 69
Ibm Decal Graphic Design 70
Ibm Wall Graphic Design 37
Ibm Wall Design 43
Ibm Wall Design 44
Ibm Wall Design 52
Ibm Wall Design 58
Ibm Wall Design 47
Ibm Wall Design 45
Ibm Wall Design 56
Ibm Space Design 57
Ibm Wall Design 50
Ibm Space Design 51
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