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local start-up

Israeli start-up in the cyberspace field. In this project, the design refers to the people, the user’s relationship with the company’s product, and the influences of our digital fingerprint. with frosted decal on the glass we created privacy for the offices and delicate vinyl cutting details reflect the company and product values, a central cafeteria wall with graphics that creates motion and an entrance corridor using the brand colors.


Architecture & Interior Design: Yuval Samuelov

Photography: Uzi Porat

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Wintego Wall Decal Design 4
Wintego Decal Design 14
Wintego Glass Graphic Design 6
Wintego Inviromental Graphic Design 7
Wintego Office Graphic Design 5
Wintego Decal Design 9
Wintego Graphic Office Design 16
Wintego Spatial Design 17
Wintego Wall Decal Design 4
Wintego Big Image 3
Wintego Vinyl Decal Design 13
Wintego Frosted Decal 8
Wintego Graphic Design 10
Wintego Office Graphic Design 12
Wintego Decal Design 9
Wintego Spatial Design 18
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