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This time we visited Lumus- a cutting edge company that will redefine the future with augmented reality optical systems.
We rolled up our sleeves and worked hard on turning the FUN dial up a notch in their new office space.
Take a peek at a complex installation involving plenty of interactive and artistic objects. Also – lots of tiny details, professional installers from different fields, new techniques and materials.
At the entrance – a light element that creates an optical illusion when walking past it – made of different layers of the company logo.


Architecture and Interior Design: Nurit Gilad-Biran

Photography: Shay Apshtien

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Lumus Frosted Glass Film 6
Lumus Frosted Glass Film 7
Lumus Art 4
Lumus Wall Design 17
Lumus Wall Design 13
Lumus Art 19
Lumus Wall Design 12
Lumus Wall Design 21
Lumus Wall Design 36
Lumus Meeting Room Graphics 33
Lumus Space Design 40
Lumus Space Design 3
Lumus Space Design 38
Lumus Landing Image 42
Lumus Space Design 2
Lumus Corridor Decals 18
Lumus Space Design 20
Lumus Wall Design 37
Lumus Wall Design 35
Lumus Art 11
Lumus Wall Design 10
Lumus Wall Design 16
Lumus Wall Design 23
Lumus Art 22
Lumus Space Design 15
Lumus Space Design 24
Lumus Space Design 28
Lumus Space Design 29
Lumus Space Design 31
Lumus Space Design 30
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