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A three-floor project in Tadiran’s new offices in Petah Tikva. As a key motif of the design, we have used the new logo and AIR as a key word that brings with it many values like life-giving, purity and connection to nature, they all come to life in the graphics forms and patterns. In some of the walls we created graphics by using varied raw materials, illuminated elements, pictures of the production process parts and more.


Architecture & interior design: Eli Hacohen

Photography: Uzi Porat

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Tadiran Spatial Design 6
Tadiran Signage Design 27
Tadiran Green Wall Design 21
Tadiran Spatial Design 26
Tadiran Decal Design 6
Tadiran Enviromental Design 17
Tadiran Cafeteria Spatial Design 16
Tadiran Spatial Design 23
Tadiran Spatial Design 7
Tadiran Office Graphic Design 19
Tadiran Glass Decal Big Image 2
Tadiran Office Graphic Design 11
Tadiran Enviromental Design 10
Tadiran Spatial Design 20
Tadiran Wall Decal Design 8
Tadiran Erase Board 26
Tadiran Enviromental Design 27
Tadiran Work Space Design 13
Tadiran Decal Design 12
Tadiran Glass Decal 9
Tadiran Green Wall Design 22
Tadiran Cafeteria Decal Design 14
Tadiran Cafeteria Decal Design 15
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