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Terasky Big Image Decal Design 1


Terasky project combined interior design and architecture with the values of the company brand. In collaboration with the Marketing Manager, we highlighted details that distinguish the company and the people in it. A family company that has been closely associated with the company’s founder for many years. The employees share similar hobbies, mainly sports and a healthy life span. In the design we combined graphic elements that represent these worlds of content, in order to connects the workplace to who they are.


Architecture & interior design: Praise architects

Photography: Uzi Porat

Terasky Medium Image Frosted Glass Decal 2
Terasky Office Graphic Design 8
Terasky Office Graphic Design 7
Terasky Meeting Room Design 12
Terasky White Board 9
Terasky Glass Decal Design 10
Terasky Meeting Room Design 13
Terasky Logo Design 5
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Terasky Frosted Glass Design 6
Terasky Cafeteria Graphic Design 11
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