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West Farma Big Image Graphic Design 4


A company specializing in drug injection opened an innovation center in Ra’anana. The graphic design was based on the company’s products, small scale products that receive a different context when displayed in a big scale on the offices walls. We added some interactive elements that create a connection between the workers and the space and add a sense of playfulness to the work environment. we designed illuminated elements that reflect the values and identity of the company.


Architecture & interior design: D.S. Blay

Photography: Uzi Porat

West Farma Big Image Spatial Graphics
West Farma Office Signage 16
West Farma White Board 5
West Farma Glass Decal Design 18
West Farma Glass Decal Signage 19
West Farma Inviromental Design 19
West Farma Inteactive Design 8
West Farma Light Signage 15
West Farma Space Graphic Design 14
West Farma Space Graphic Design 17
Westfarma Main Image
West Farma Cafeteria Graphic Design 9
West Farma Inviromental Graphic Design 10
West Farma Open Space Design 11
West Farma Interactive Design 12
West Farma Inviromental Design 7
West Farma Spatial Design 6
West Farma Inviromental Design 20
West Farma Inteactive Design 8
West Farma Big Image Interactive Design 2
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